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Our records 

A selection of records and albums produced by BUDEN. Listen to them here.

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The other Humanity Documentary.jpg

The Other Humanity

The soundtrack for the documentary by Agustín Villani. Ambient and drones that explore the mysterious history of ancient Andean civilizations.

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Caffè Galaxy 2

The second album by Caffè Galaxy is available on all streaming platforms. Mix and Master by Tomás Putruele. Beautiful artwork by Christian O' Farrel. A continuation of the author's journey into soundscapes full of synths, distant voices, and minimalistic but resonant melodies.

tapa con marco (5).png

Caffè Galaxy

The first album by Caffè Galaxy is a journey full of synth textures, soundscapes, and vintage electronic rhythms. Inspired in city landscapes such as Buenos Aires, Illinois, and Rome, it is also ideal for imagining a movie set in a not so distant galaxy, one full of reverberations and eternal delay.Available on every streaming platform.Mix and mastering by Lucas Lescano.

Tomorrow Talk About That


Ambient, trip-hop, beats, and noisy soundscapes born from the mountains of Slovenia.

Mix and master by Lucas Lescando and Studio Alfa. Recorded in Argentina, Bosnia and Italy.

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